10 Year Vision

What will things look like?

By faith Liberty Church will have the full resources to enable it to construct or refurbish a 1,000-seat edifice and community hub, to serve the Lord God in worship and praise, the body of Christ with the ministry of the Word and the wider local community with counsel, Christian care, good works and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is our intention by faith, to both purchase and start the building works within the next 3 years (2023) IN CASH!

The building will consist of:

It is our intention as leaders to build upon our initial foundational vision and to improve it as best as we possibly can. Liberty Church is aspiring to become a seven-star church offering quality ministry and sincere love to the London Borough of Croydon and beyond.

Over the next ten years we shall continue to strive to build upon and improve the following original foundational vision points.

By December 31st, 2030 Liberty Church will visibly be: