What some of our visitors say

I felt so welcome and loved when I walked through those doors, the powerful praise and worship, Word of God and welcome made this a memorable visit.

Flew in from Australia, had the privilege to worship at this amazing church. The glory of God is here!! An electric atmosphere. Thank you for a wonderful service. If you are looking for place to worship, looking for freedom, powerful delivery of the Word of God, to be nurtured and propelled into your God given destiny! This church is it! Liberty church keep on breaking the chains of bondage in the UK - God bless. 5 stars.

I have never been to a church where this type of hospitality is offered, thank you.

I have never felt so much warmth and love in all the years that I have visited churches, the idea of being invited to stay behind for refreshments is a wonderful idea and having someone spend time in getting to know me and my family, so much so, I think I will make this church my home.

I felt so isolated until someone came to visit, they didn’t just visit the once but until I was able to attend church again.

I had nothing in my cupboards, then there was a knock at the door, and I was presented with several bags of food items, I was able to feed my family and had a few treats included.