Foundation Stones

Ministering to the new believers

“As newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby”

1 Peter 2:2

When an individual makes the quality decision to give their heart and soul to the Lord Jesus and experience the joy of coming into the faith, it is rudimentary essential that they are fed and nourished with the Word of God, just as in the natural world a new born baby is strengthened by its own mother’s milk.

Our mission is to introduce the Bible and its various doctrinal themes to the new believer, offering a twelve week course entitled ‘Foundation Stones’ written by mature Spirit filled bible scholars to ensure that the students are initially well rooted and grounded in the faith and the Word of God.

This series is not only recommended for new believers who have recently accepted Christ in their lives, but also for anyone that would like to further explore the Christian Faith: for those that have never been through the fundamentals of the Christian Faith and Christians who want to rekindle their love, passion and personal walk with Jesus Christ.

The New Believers Class is held every Sunday morning from 10am. (Currently via Zoom)