january, 2022

12jan6:00 am4:00 pmA Week of Prayer & Fasting Day 3GRASPING, GRAPPLING and GAINING Mastery over GUILT. Fasting from 6 am until 4 pm daily6:00 am - 4:00 pm Zoom Meeting, Liberty Church

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Please find attached the prayer declarations for fasting day 3…
We are continuing to petition the Father to help us renew our minds daily by GRASPING, GRAPPLING and GAINING Mastery over GUILT.
Please do read the exhortation and accompanying scriptures that go with it and proclaim them over your life as you deem necessary.
We are praying between 6:00-6:30am from the comfort of our own homes or wherever you will be at that time.
Please do not attempt to sign into Zoom as we will not be meeting  until Friday, for those that want to join me, for extra strength, as we battle against the ‘Spirit of Fear,’ as a finale to this life changing week of abstinence….
I am praying for you all personally by name, for God to give you the strength and robustness to complete this fast in Jesus name.
Grace & Mercy
Dr K Kerr

The Renewed Mind

Fasting Day 3


Freedom from False Guilt!


The definition of guilt = ‘A feeling of shame or regret as a result of bad conduct.


There is healthy and unhealthy guilt. Healthy Guilt helps you acknowledge your actions and fuels your motivation to improve your behaviour. It might also lead you to fixate on what you could have done differently.


Unhealthy guilt can be an unrelenting source of pain, keeping us stuck in the past and preventing us from being present and loving ourselves and others. Guilt may simmer in our unconscious mind, or we may condemn ourselves, not once, but over and over again.


Unhealthy guilt is also referred to as false guilt. We need to recognize that there is such a thing as ‘false’ guilt.’ False guilt is the guilt that is generated when we fail to live up to various human expectations, including our own. These human expectations include the expectations and values imposed by our culture, our church, our social group, our peers and our personal values or image.


With this false guilt we give ourselves a bad time and allow others to give us a bad time too and even convince ourselves that God is displeased with us, based on criteria that have nothing at all to do with God’s law and His standards at all!


Freedom from guilt that is a part of the complete salvation Christians have in Jesus Christ is perhaps the most difficult for us to embrace!


We must also remember that we have an enemy who does not want us to live in a joy filled and peaceful guilt-free relationship with God. His name is Satan ‘the accuser.’ But neither he, nor any human who would do his accusing for him, has any authority to undo what God has already declared done. (Romans 8:31-39).


It is time to rewire our minds through prayer and the word today, to be released from the nauseating sweat and the painful twist in your stomach that accompanies the knowledge that you’ve hurt someone else. Perhaps you also struggle with recurring self-judgment and criticism related to your memories of what happened and the fear of others finding out.


Today I Grasp, Grapple and Gain Mastery Over Guilt!


As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. (Psalm 103:12)

1.      Today I confess that the Lord has total removed and blotted out the sins of my past, including anti-social behaviours, crimes, betrayals, mistruths, harshness, lusts and such like and placed them so far away from me that they are obscured from sight, sound or sense. I have been declared not guilty by Jesus Christ the righteous, through His perfect sinless sacrifice on the cross.

For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more. (Heb. 8:12)


  1. I declare that God is merciful to me in all areas of my life. I have repented of my sins and turned towards the benevolent God, who though being omniscient and knows all things, has chosen not to remember my wrongdoings and past mistakes. Therefore no one else, including myself, has the right to delve into my past and set my mind to condemnation mode. I am free from all aspects of shame in Jesus’ name.


We are holy, unblameable and unreproveable in his sight. (Col. 1:22)


  1. From this day forward, I will not sit on my sofa, recline on the floor, lay back in my bed after waking, soak in the bath, drive in my car or take public transport and agree with the thoughts of guilt and shame that are not sanctioned or approved by the word of God concerning me. According to the scriptures, I am BLAMELESS and UNREPROVABLE in His sight!


Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. (Heb. 10:22)


4.      This day by faith, I walk in the full assurance that my guilty conscience, has been purged from the power of false guilt by the precious blood of the Lamb of God.

Take these 6 simple steps and by faith, be released from the power of false guilt TODAY!

  1. Name your guilt.
  2. Explore the source of the guilt
  3. Apologize and make amends where possible.
  4. Replace negative self-talk with self-compassion and positive bible-based affirmations.
  5. Plead the blood of Jesus.
  6. Forgive yourself NOW at all costs
  7. Remember guilt can work for you.


Say Amen 5 Times!!!



(Wednesday) 6:00 am - 4:00 pm


Zoom Meeting

Liberty Church